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 Why choose a home care agency over an independent person?

Deciding to entrust the care of your loved ones to strangers is not easy, knowing that you could’ve taken it by your own. But with your personal responsibilities hanging around and waiting to be attended to, with your pending accountability to your own family and work, doing both care and ministering needs becomes impossible to accomplish at the same time. That is why selecting the right provider to serve for the needs of your beloved one is beyond crucial. It takes careful consideration of their well-being and safety and for that, seeking help from a home care agency is the best choice.

A home care agency is a team of certified professionals. They have acquired the training, the experience, and the skill set necessary to administer the patients’ required services in safety. A home care agency ensures this by extensively screening their staff members and going through legal compliance.

On the other hand, when you choose an independent provider, they are not covered with workers compensation or other liability insurances which means if they are injured while in your home you would then be responsible with their injury financially. With our home care agency, caregivers are covered 100% with workers compensation and other liability insurances. Furthermore, if the independent provider is out sick or quit; there is no back up plan for you. Whereas, with our home care agency, if this happens, we have other qualified and available staff to cover. In addition, independent providers are not licensed by the State therefore no complaints can be made against the independent provider.

You have absolute advantages and services to choose from when you select a home care agency. Get the best of it at Carolina Care Solutions LLC today!

 What is a Home Care Agency?
A home care agency is an agency providing basic in-home, non-skilled services. Caregivers from the agency are deployed to the patient’s residence, assisted living facility, or other designate area of choice; where a specific plan of care is administered with emphasis on keeping the patient safe and as comfortable as possible.
 Who are eligible for Home Care?
All individuals classified to be disabled or in need of companionship are eligible for home care. Disabled patients refer to the individuals who have a difficulty leaving the house without the assistance of another person or the aid of assistive devices such as canes and walkers.
 What services are offered by a Home Care Agency?

Home care agencies offer different services, including:

Respite Care – temporary relief from care for the primary caregivers

Personal Care – personal assistance at home, focusing on structuring the environment (the home) to allow the patient to settle safe and comfortable

Homemaking Services – focused on house maintenance, and keeping the house clean and safe for the patient’s living

Companion Services – providing basic ADL assistance, conversation, and can also serve as short-term respite

 How do I pay for Home Care?

Home care services may be made reimbursable by Medicaid provided the right legal documents and evidence are available. Aside from that, we accept most insurances such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Long Term Care Insurances, VA Benefits, etc. as well as Private Pay methods including checks and cash, whichever is convenient.

 What is a Plan of Care?

A plan of care is the care plan that is the embodiment, outline, and concrete testament of the services you will be receiving. It is formulated by identifying the patient’s needs through caregiver-provider collaboration efforts, and by fitting the services that will enhance and develop the identified areas needed to be given focus. It is patient-directed, which means that this output is also a product of your own personal goals for your own healing, with the inputs of your loved ones and guidance from the professionals.

 What hours of services are offered?
Carolina Care Solutions LLC provides services for 2 hours – 24 hours per day, 7 days a week if needeed.
 How do I contact you?

You can reach us by using the following information:

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